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SAM80S-25 Capsules Vendning Machne

Model No.︰SAM80S-25
Brand Name︰BD
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰
Minimum Order︰
Product Description
SAM80S - 25"/30" Height Capsule Toy Vending Machine
1. Size:
SAM80S-25", 25*25*64cm ( net size), 28*28.5*67cm ( carton packed)
SAM80S-30", 25*25*76cm ( net size), 28*28.5*79cm ( carton packed)
SAM80S-25", 10 kgs -NW, 11kgs-GW
SAM80S-30", 11 kgs -NW, 12kgs -GW
3.Construction: Clear Acrylic Container, Alloy frame, Metal Body.
4. Beaver style coin mechanism, could accepting most foreigh coins , size 30mm diameter, 3mm thickness.
Maximum could accept 8 coins per vending.
5. Distributor wheels for option:
Standard size for 40 - 55mm diameter capsule toys or bouncy balls
50mm diameter hole distributor wheel for 35 - 39mm capsule toys or balls
40mm diameter hole distributor wheel for 28 - 32mm capsule toys or balls