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30cm Globe Gumball Machine

Model No.︰SAM60-30S
Brand Name︰Beyond
Country of Origin︰
Unit Price︰
Minimum Order︰
Product Description

Candy Vending Machine, Gumball Vending Machine, Capsule Toy Vending Machine wiith 30cm PC globe 
The top PC duarable globe 2 size available:25cm, 30cm, 
1. Machine size: 468mm(height) x 300mm(globe diameter);
2. Packing detail: 32*32*50cm; N.W: 3.00Kgs; G.W: 3.50Kgs
3. Construction: PC barrel, Aluminum-Alloy body, chrome-plated metal lid and bottom.
4. Color Available: Red, Black, Yellow, Silver Gray (Or customized)
5. Coin-Mech: BEAVER style Coin-Mech, which can accept any coins within 30mm diameter by 3mm 

thickness, and supports 1~8 coins per transaction, or make it free-spin.
6. Wheels for choice:
(1). Adjustable Bulk Candy Wheel for bulk candies vending;
(2). Adjustable Gumball Wheel for 22~30mm gumballs or capsules.
(3). 40mm Round Holes Wheel for 29-33mm capsules.
7. Stands or Racks to choose for one head machine, two heads machine, three heads machine, etc