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30cm Globe Gumball Machine

Model No.©USAM60-30S
Brand Name©UBeyond
Country of Origin©U
Unit Price©U
Minimum Order©U
Product Description

Candy Vending Machine, Gumball Vending Machine, Capsule Toy Vending Machine wiith 30cm PC globe 
The top PC duarable globe 2 size available:25cm, 30cm, 
1. Machine size: 468mm(height) x 300mm(globe diameter);
2. Packing detail: 32*32*50cm; N.W: 3.00Kgs; G.W: 3.50Kgs
3. Construction: PC barrel, Aluminum-Alloy body, chrome-plated metal lid and bottom.
4. Color Available: Red, Black, Yellow, Silver Gray (Or customized)
5. Coin-Mech: BEAVER style Coin-Mech, which can accept any coins within 30mm diameter by 3mm 

thickness, and supports 1~8 coins per transaction, or make it free-spin.
6. Wheels for choice:
(1). Adjustable Bulk Candy Wheel for bulk candies vending;
(2). Adjustable Gumball Wheel for 22~30mm gumballs or capsules.
(3). 40mm Round Holes Wheel for 29-33mm capsules.
7. Stands or Racks to choose for one head machine, two heads machine, three heads machine, etc