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Candy Machine

Model No.︰SAM60RG
Brand Name︰Beyond
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰
Minimum Order︰
Product Description

Barrel shaped Gumball Machine,Candy Vending Machine
This Gumball Vending Machine could vend 22-30mm gumballs, bouncy balls, or 29mm capsule toys.
By replacing the Distributor wheel, it could vend bulk candy, M&M chocolate , nuts, etc.
1. Size: 395mm*170mm (net); 22*22*45cm (carton packed)
2. Weight: 4.00Kgs (net) / 4.50Kgs (gross)
3. Construction: PC barrel, Zinc-Alloy body, chrome-plated metal lid and bottom.
4. Color available : Red, Black, Yellow, Silver Gray (Or customized)
5. Coin Adaptability: US quarter, or any coins within 28mm*2.7mm
6. Suitable Stands for installation:
TJ8601,TJ8602,TJ8603,TJ8605A, TJ8605B
7. Distributor Wheels for choice:
Adjustable Bulk Candy Distributor Wheel for bulk candies vending;
Adjustable Gumball Distributor Wheel for 22~30mm gumballs or capsules.
30mm Round Holes Distributor Wheel for 1" gumball vending.
40mm Round Holes Wheel for 29-33mm capsules